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Home entertainment centers  An entertainment center is a piece of furniture designed to hold your big screen TV and the components of your audio video entertainment system.  Home entertainment centers should include enough space and shelving for your DVD player, satellite or cable box, home theater receiver, as well as the center channel speaker, and perhaps smaller left and right front bookshelf speakers for your home theater surround sound system.  You may also want extra storage room for the kids video game systems and games, as well as DVD and VHS movies.

These days, most manufacturers of entertainment center furniture build some wire management into the design of the unit.  Before home theater entertainment centers became widely available, you used to have to cut or drill your own holes in the back of the entertainment center in order to fish audio, video, speaker wires, and even power cords and surge protectors between your components!  Be sure to buy EXTRA LONG audio, video, and speaker cables to allow for ease in pulling out A/V components far enough to connect it all properly.  It can be a major hassle not having enough slack in the length of your cables to avoid them pulling loose from the back of your components when connecting and installing your home theater system within the entertainment center.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with enough home entertainment center ideas to make it simple for you to comparison shop and buy entertainment centers online.  For example, the best place we've found to find discount and cheap closeout entertainment centers online is Overstock.

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